Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

Published: 15th April 2010
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One of the most overwhelming aspects of preparing for the arrival of a new baby is the seemingly endless list of stuff you're supposed to buy. Of course, getting the nursery ready is great fun. But when the list of things to buy seems to grow longer by the minute, preparation for baby can make even the most organized parents feel a bit out of control, especially during rough financial times, when people are trying to avoid buying unnecessary items.

Parents need to talk about the good and the bad and keep communication lines open. This means that if your husband is driving you crazy because he put your baby's bib on crooked you need to mention it. Even if it feels minute and silly. Remember though, having open communication doesn't mean biting each other's heads off, it means sharing your feelings and thoughts in a kind manner. Consider having a scheduled weekly "talk" session with your spouse where you openly discuss your feelings about being new parents.

The following list tells you about the items that you will want to think about purchasing. To save money, you can even look at second hand stores for many of these items or ask friends with babies older than yours if you can borrow or purchase their items.

Get some rest
You are going to need all the rest you can get before the new baby comes because you aren't going to get a lot once they are there. It will take your new baby several weeks to learn how to get their days and nights organized so you'd better be prepared to get up every 2-3 hours to feed the baby. Being well rested will help you prepare for the baby and it will keep you sane!

Maternity leave
If you are planning on working after the baby comes, you need to talk to your employer before you have the baby and get your maternity leave in order. Find out how much leave you can get and if you can extend it without pay if you need to. Get projects and other things organized and easy to find when you do leave, your employer will greatly appreciate it.

* A car seat is mandatory, as hospitals will not even let you leave with the baby until you show them that you know how to buckle the baby in the seat. Many times, they will also follow you to the car to make sure it is installed correctly in the car.

* A playpen is a great way for you to get things like housework done and keep the baby safe. Around five months old is when a baby should be placed in it, unless it is used for a sleeping area when you are traveling.

Your parenting goal is to build strong relationships for your child so that you will give them confidence in themselves. A weak marriage does not do this and it does not give children confidence. Good parenting flows out of a stable and good marriage. If you protect your relationship with your spouse, then your children will be happy and healthy too!

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